A rural Utah community faces a choice

ATVs on untreated dirt roads and trails generate clouds of dust near homes in Duck Creek Saturday, Sept. 4, 2021. The use of Magnesium Chloride to curb the dust from increasing traffic has been a point of contention among residents.

On a sunny afternoon in June 2019, in southern Utah’s distant alpine hamlet of Duck Creek Village, an aged man shuffled between the ponderosa pines lining Erin DeLoe’s gravel driveway and requested her for $200. It was for the mud, he mentioned, a shared neighborhood downside he had taken the initiative to resolve. In response to growing site visitors from outside vacationers on all-terrain automobiles (ATVs) and weekend guests escaping Las Vegas or Salt Lake Metropolis, he had employed a Wyoming-based firm known as Dustbusters Enterprises to spray their roads with a magnesium chloride answer meant to tamp down the filth floor. Now he wished her to chip in.

DeLoe, an accountant, was simply again from a path run and, admittedly, coated in mud. She instructed him she didn’t suppose she wished to help that. Then she went inside to scour the Web for details about magnesium chloride.

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